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#1 2016-02-29 21:49:50

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New client release

We've released a new client that should have the crashing due to flakey internet fixed.  Please download and check it out.  Right now we don't do any client version checking, really it's in your best interest to update as it's a more reliable client.

We have a couple known server bugs we are working on :

- Right now ignore houses duration is too long, it is seeming like 24 hours instead of 1 hour, and we are working on it.

- Also, if your house is robbed and the game thinks you need to redo a self-test due to the robbery, if you try to exit the game either from the edit page or the tapes page the game suicides you.  We are also working on this issue.

- Also, if you timeout in edit mode right now instead of just losing your edits you lose your life.  This could be related to the bug above.

Is there any other issues or flakiness anyone is seeing?  One we get these basics working we will start to roll out the anti-cheating mechanisms and start the steam greenlight campaign.  Please keep your feedback coming.



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