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#1 2016-03-20 01:09:34

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Some ideas about the game

Here are a few ideas that I think may be simple to implement that all work together to completely enhance the playing experience.

1. Parallel Universes

Give a single account more things to play with by introducing parallel universes.  A parallel universe is just a separate space to play the game that cannot interact with the other universes.  That way a person could go robbing in another universe or build a completely different space ships- it is all up to them.  This also helps make the game more playable when there are only a few players because each player can build several ships.  This may help cut down on duel accounting as people have more things to do in the game.

2. Saving and loading maps

i think this feature is already underway based upon what I've read.  This would compliment feature #1 because people could quickly load saved maps to deploy new houses in parallel universes.  This feature would make it easier for people to set up several ships across several Universes.

3. Variable Parameters for Parallel universes.

For example, larger or smaller map sizes depending upon the Universe.

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#2 2016-03-20 03:03:57

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Re: Some ideas about the game


All good ideas...In fact, if you look on the TCD forums I have gone over most of these.  I like the idea of the parallel universes because it cuts down on the need for dual accounting.  And yet we have talked about different map sizes and shapes being sold as different ship hull shapes.  Once we get the basics going, we will be able to try these new ideas out quickly and see what sticks.



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