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Terminal Heist guide for The Castle Doctrine players

Well not really a guide, but someone recently asked me if we had anywhere that explained what the equivalent TCD item is in TH.  I am planning to get the Wiki done soon and that will eventually be part of the wiki.  However, in the meantime, I've exported some of the spreadsheet we used during development (you'll get to see a little bit how the sausage was made, and why this has taken so long - as we went through many iterations on both the names and even the visuals for the components).  In fact, at one point all of graphics were high-res, ie not 8-bit but we reverted back for a bunch of reasons.  I apology for the less than easy to use format, but hopefully this will hold people over until the wiki is online.

I apologize that this isn't a little easier to read :


Electricty Colors

Electricity Tile States

I can guarantee this is all perfectly up to date, but it should be close.  Feel free to ask any questions or point out any omissions.

*Edit : my favorite line from the Terms doc, "Suicide needs to be comical", cause if I know anything about making a game kid appropriate it all comes down to how funny you can make suicide.

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