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#1 2017-04-21 02:52:33

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Arifact blocks droid and possibly other stuff


Above hyperlink is an example of this artifact and the problem that it causes.  This was also a problem in the Castle Doctrine.


#2 2017-04-21 08:16:18

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Re: Arifact blocks droid and possibly other stuff

In The Castle Doctrine, the tile was a "trigger lock" and it was supposed to block pet movement.

In Terminal Heist, the tile is now "Secured Blade Case" and it still correctly blocks droid movement.

We tried to make the graphic to be able to represent this more visually. Both the "Secured Shock Blade" and the "Secured Switch" are a bit taller and beefier than the other tiles like the power source or regular switches.


I believe your version has older outdated graphics of when we had it as a "Sentry Gun."

What platform did you take that screenshot at?

Edit: specified that it currently blocks droid movement

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