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#1 2017-07-04 15:55:33

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Big News : Terminal Heist coming to Steam soon!

Hey guys,

So I apologize for the delay of the player drive.  We had a bug related to Sierra on Mac.  Around the same time Steam officially retired the Greenlight model of game acceptance and added something called Steam Direct.  Instead of being voted on which can kinda be hit or miss now you just buy your way on, aka the American way.  So we have a developer account, we've paid, our game is uploaded.  We need to upload all the metadata, graphics, game descriptions etc.  We have almost all of these assets from our efforts in the mobile apps stores.  The only thing we are missing is a game trailer.  I've been recording video forever.  Given that the trailer no longer decides whether or not we will make it into the store, I'm feeling less perfectionist about it. End result is we should have a trailer in a week or two (and it's taking that long because a few of us are going out of town).  I'm expecting a Steam launch and the following email blast the last week of July.  Thanks to everyone for your support and continued patience.  The team is still very committed and there are going to be good things coming on the horizon. We've been really waiting until we were available every place where we wanted to before spending effort and money on growing the player base.  Stay tuned.

- cullman


#2 2017-07-05 05:42:41

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Re: Big News : Terminal Heist coming to Steam soon!

Sounds great! 

One thing that would help to populate the list before the player drive is bot houses (as mentioned recently).
Actually, what would be great is 10-20 bot houses that each player sees on their list when they first start.  These houses would be of varying difficulty (almost a second tutorial) and would be removed from each players list as they solve them.
From the players viewpoint, it would be hard to tell they are bots.


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